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A little about Steve’s background …..

Before moving into the Solar Power and Battery Storage industry I had been an IT Engineer / Server Technician and Electronics Technician for more than 15 years.

This change of direction came from my increasing disappointment around how it was quickly progressing into a “dump and run” industry because computers and other related products were no longer being repaired; they were just being dumped.

This practice didn’t align with my core values.
I wanted to move into an industry where I could make a difference and focus on sustainability so people could become conscious of their carbon footprint and their energy consumption.

So I re-trained to be a Solar Power and Battery Storage expert and we were designing our own high efficiency solar panels, battery solutions, and EV charging solutions and supplying our technology to other electricians and solar companies around NZ.

To date we have a 100% client satisfaction rating from ALL of our customers.

Why do you do what you do?

I enjoy helping people and helping make the world a better place.

Nowadays more so than ever people need to be more conscious of their daily energy consumption and where that energy is coming from.

People today are paying the HIGHEST price for their fuel than ever before and those costs are only scheduled to keep rising in the future.

We all need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions to less than HALF of what they are now, and as quickly as possible.

At HiTek Solar we take our social responsibility extremely seriously.

Success highlights to date

We’re had a few firsts – First NZ Tigo Energy Partner, First NZ Tigo Energy Solar Panel Testing Site to name just a few but one of our next critical milestones is our new “Solar Shed / Solar Power Station”.

This will be the First 100% Solar Powered EV Fast Charge Site in NZ to be able to fast charge an electric vehicle (EV) without needing to buy any power from the grid during this charging.

Success is never a straight line – what lessons have you grown from?

Providing amazing customer service and listening to customer feedback is critical.

Always look at where the REAL ISSUES are in the market and where the holes are with what everyone else is offering.

Don’t take NO for an answer, just because someone says you can’t do something doesn’t mean you SHOULDN’T do it.

Technology is always changing and evolving every month, so be a leader and expert in your field, rather than just a follower.

Just because everyone else is doing the same thing doesn’t mean it’s the best way or the RIGHT WAY / THING to be doing.

Partnering up with other experts in their own fields is key and one that has brought my company great success. Design solutions to last 10-25 years not just 2-5 years.

How has working alongside Accounting One helped your business?

Dale and the Accounting One team have been amazing to deal with.

I didn’t take the task of looking for a new accountant lightly and I interviewed 4 other top recommended accounting companies.  After a referral from a friend and mutual client of Accounting One’s I took their advice and met with Dale and the team.

Ironically Dale was also interested in knowing more about our solar systems (to consider having his office solar powered) so it ended up a great match.  He had a genuine interest in what my company offers and the technology solutions we promote for his own business.

As a result he had a genuine interest to really understand my company and our vision of where we are going over the next 2-5 years time.

For me this was different from every other accounting company which just wanted to treat my company as another client no different from the rest.

Having an accountant that really understands your company and is working to help give you best tax advice to help save you money who is also in line with your personal and company goals is a real blessing.

If your accountant gives you incorrect advice it can easily cost you $100k (or more) in the year as a result of paying for things more than you should be or not claiming correctly as you should be.  This also relates to doing things in an inefficient manner.

Accounting One is the best money we have ever spent on any accountant.  The  advice we’ve received has been so far ahead of what any other accounting firm has given us it’s just not even in the same ballpark.

Accounting One is genuinely interested and passionate about seeing my company grow and he loves our innovation and solutions.  That means a lot when your accountant actually has your best interests at heart instead of just worrying about their own wallet.

In business I like to achieve a WIN-WIN situation where everybody wins and for the first time ever we’ve found an accountant where we can achieve this so I could not ask for more.

Your vision for the future?

Providing innovative Solar Power and Battery Storage and EV charging solutions to our clients and striving to reduce the price per kW hour of electricity to all of our clients in addition to saving them a noticeable real world savings on their monthly bills.

It’s not just about the money for me at all (I don’t do it for the money), but in saying that you can’t help save the world if your company is going broke either, so it’s still critical to make smart business decisions.

For me I do what I do because I love making a difference in people’s lives (genuinely helping people) and being able to help change the world (in a good positive way also).

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