How many Classy Clients are you Attracting?


happyclientsWhat constitutes a ‘Classy Client’ in your mind? Do you have a framework to decipher such clients? How does your business attract such ‘Classy Clients’?

Beyond this, once you have these ‘Classy Clients’ onboard what are you doing to give them the WOW experience that differentiates your business from your competition?

Your Classy Clients

We all want them right? Clients that we get on with, that take on board our advice and clients who pay on time (or in advance).

Get really clear on who it is you want to work with as ‘Classy Clients’. Write it out and communicate this to your team. Have a standard as to who you will take on as a client. We know to often many businesses just take on anyone who comes knocking. Uphold your standards, remembering quality not quantity.

Beyond this, once you know what your ‘Classy Clients’ look like, you are able to design targeted campaigns that attract them. At which point you are able to illustrate synergies, expertise that align to their needs and wants, then you can move them through your smooth engagement process.

Your Wow Experience

Once you have attracted your ‘Classy Clients’ you need to wow them…. What wow experience are you giving your clients? Some businesses pride themselves on regular communication and meetings with their clients. Sending personalise notes and cards for Birthdays, business milestones or invites to special events. Other businesses have a drinks menu in reception as clients arrive. Most importantly the wow factor comes through servicing these clients to the fullest. Businesses that have the wow experience in place, make it part of their culture, and have processes that are detailed in their service standards.


Regular communication with your ‘Classy Clients’ is vital. Having a structure around this is imperative. Such as…

  • Regular scheduled meetings
  • Educational events, whitepapers, blogs and newsletters
  • Phone calls and personal contact
  • Regular analysis of your communication

This all adds to and enhances your relationship with your clients. Which leads to identifying more opportunities to help your clients.

Start this process today! Make this a priority for you, your business and your clients. Be the best you can be.

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