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“How To Improve Your Game” and develop a ‘Builders Kick-Arse Business Success Toolkit”

Come along for breakfast and a golf day on Monday 2nd May 2016. Either stay for the Builders Kick-Arse Business session or stay for the whole day for a round of golf (and great networking).

With the Bay of Plenty building industry booming with sixty million dollars worth of building consents were issued in Tauranga in December in 2015. The value of building consents issued during the years was the highest for both local authorities since Priority One records began.

In these booming times as a builder you are required to balance the busy demand and run a smooth profitable business. We don’t have to tell you what goes into running a successful business – blood, sweat and tears are only the beginning.

With so much paperwork to complete, keeping on top of all the bills and invoicing, rosters and site work plans – it can all go wrong very quickly.

Too many builders and subbies go bust because they have been blindsided by bad debt, huge outstanding bills to pay and everyone looking the other way when you need extra finance.

If you’re finding it hard to:

  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers and suppliers
  • Understand your numbers
  • Know where your cash flow is at
  • Get your invoices out on time, your debtors are growing and the money isn’t coming in like it needs to
  • Provide financial reports so the banks get off your back and gives you some breathing space
  • Keep up with who the best suppliers are and how to negotiate the best deals

You’ve come to the right place.

During breakfast we will host a short presentation. We have speakers who can help you with efficiencies, productivity and money management. These guys are equally as passionate as you are about their trade, which is assisting business success and growth.

One of the riskier periods of business is when you in a growth phase. You have wages and suppliers to pay and then wham – one big, bad debt and it could be all over. With good people and good systems we’ll show you how to eliminate this real risk to your business.

Accounting One’s, purpose is to help the Bay of Plenty Builders Kick-Arse with the right toolbox and thrive, grow and succeed! They’re a great team who work for you and with you to keep your business humming.

Dale is a golf fanatic so he would love as many of you to stay for the day and play a round of 18-hole golf on him. Enjoy a game of golf and grab a great networking opportunity.

Why not bring a few of the crew? Building a successful business relies on building a winning team around you.

The day kicks off at 7.30am with a hearty “builders” breakfast at the Omanu Golf Club. You get to mix and mingle with other guys and girls in the building trade – meet your next best sparky or buddy up with a builder to build your business with.

Contact Dale or Sonja to secure your spot today.

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