Year End Checklist

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Year end is approaching, so understanding where YOU ARE is so important! Here is a simple year-end checklist to make filing easier.

  • Decide on employee bonus payments and withhold the required tax
  • Pay your vendors and contractors in full by year end
  • Scrutinize your balance sheet and P&L for what you did well – and what you didn’t
  • Check out your income statement to see your profitability
  • Use your cash reports to understand how much cash you have on hand
  • Add up your quarterly estimated tax payments for the year
  • Review all information about current and past employees in your payroll system
  • Review insurance policies, cover and rates
  • Confirm your tax deadlines – these vary depending on the structure of your business
  • Arrange a meeting with Accounting One
  • Use accounting software to accurately estimate how much tax you will have to pay
  • Think about whether you’ll need to request a tax payment extension
  • Review your client list, and make sure all contact information is up-to-date
  • Review your goals for the year – and make some new ones for next year
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